West Canada Spotlight : Scenic Route to Alaska


We'll be doing a series of posts, profiling brands that we admire in West Canada. These are makers and shakers that channel our beliefs of ethically, quality made goods, and fit the Flannel Foxes lifestyle. 

Scenic Route to Alaska, comprised of Trevor, Shea and Murray are best buds from Edmonton, Canada. They make rock music that weaves together catchy vocal and memorable melodies. They are also our good buds. The friendship between Scenic Route and FF started when lead singer and guitarist, Trevor, sat in Brittni's chair at her barbershop over 5 years ago. Since that day a friendship blossomed, hair was chopped, and our two businesses were destined to work together. We finally collaborated on a t-shirt!


We worked with the band to create a design that they feel represents their music and their personalities. Their music is inspired by the 70s bands like Neil Young, so they sent us looking into gig posters from the best decade of rock & roll. We incorporated a split fountain print, a gradient printing technique that was often used in screenprinting before digital printing came around. We chose fonts that were popular on album covers from the 70s to give it a authentic feel.

On September 7th we launched the shirts at a sold out Starlite Room show. It was a riveting performance in front of a raucous hometown crowd. At least it looked that way from the merch table, where we were slinging t-shirts like they were hot cakes. Don't worry, there are a few left. You'll need to get your paws on one soon, though, as once these shirts are sold out, they're gone for good.

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