Tuscan Evening

Denim Manspiration // Flannel Foxes Being in Nevada last weekend was lovely. I got to spend some evening time by the pool and breathing in the warm air. Yea .. not really in Tuscany. But the hotel I stayed in sure felt like it ;) Warm Evening Flannel Foxes 6 Tuscany Suites // Las VegasThese comfy jogger pants from Gap have been a god send for travelling so much lately. Im in a long distance relationship with my boo so these are great for looking nice and feeling nicer on the plane. Warm Evening Flannel Foxes7 Warm Evening Flannel Foxes 2 White Sneakers // Flannel Foxes Paired with a simple minimalist t-shirt from West 49, a cozy beanie, and my favourite denim jacket from Garage, this outfit is perfect for relaxing by the pool. An evening in Tuscany // Flannel Foxes

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  • Thniikng like that is really amazing

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