Tomboy Winter Essentials

WinterEssentials-Points Hey guys! Today I'm talking about my tomboy winter essentials since it's that time of year. Winter is not my favourite season, but I do love the styles and dressing warm. I am showcasing some of my go-to items and looking at them all laid out, I definitely see a theme: plaid and wool.
  1. I chose two of my favourite plaid shirts and I especially like the blue and green one with the elbow pads. They add such an interesting touch which makes the shirt stand out.
  2. I love the versatility of my double sided plaid blanket scarf. And that I can literally wrap it around myself like a blanket.
  3. I wear wool socks almost everyday in the winter, they are functional yet fashionable in my opinion!
  4. I have a couple different winter boots I wear, but I find the black ones go with everything. I was drawn to them because of the cozy wool cuff at the top.
  5. My grey knit sweater is actually an XL because I love wearing clothes that are too big for me. BIG=COZY.
  6. I just recently have a thing for fingerless gloves, they just tie together the "winter hobo" look so well.
  7. And of course I had to include my fox toque, the forest green goes great with all of my other items.
WinterEssentials-FlannelFoxes-6 WinterEssentials-FlannelFoxes-3 WinterEssentials-FlannelFoxes-2 WinterEssentials-FlannelFoxes-1 WinterEssentials-FlannelFoxes-4

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  • This makes me super excited for fall/winter! The coziness of large sweaters, here we come! :D

    • Heather