Tips and Tricks for Tall Tomboys

Where are all my tall ladies at!? As I have mentioned before I am 6 feet tall and I love my height, but sometimes fashion is frustrating for me. Over the years I have learned to make it work. I was first drawn to menswear styles when I would try on a flannel shirt; the sleeves were too short and the length in the torso was just not long enough. So I slipped into the guy's section and found not only a plaid shirt that fit, but a whole new world of fashion that has inspired my ever evolving tomboy style. The men's small saved me! I continue to go back to the men's section to buy sweaters, t-shirts, button ups and jackets. I'm in love with the slightly oversized basics that fit my body type. The biggest clothing struggle I have is with pants. I am happy to see that "flood pants" are trendy now and showing off the ankle is super cute. I am definitely the tall girl that has the longer legs as opposed to a longer torso, so jeans have to be at least a 36" inseam. If you live in Edmonton, the store I go to for all my jeans is Hye Fashion. They have every style: boyfriend, coloured (remember my mustard yellow jeans?!), skinny, straight, high waisted, and many more. Now that menswear styles are all the rage I can mostly find what I am looking for, but I would definitely encourage you tall girls to check out the men's section. Who knows, you could find your new favourite shirt!

How I've learned to take tall girl struggles and make them stylish:

Problem: Pants are not long enough. Solution: Cuff them to make it look intentional.

Problem: Sleeves are not long enough. Solution: Roll up sleeves to a flattering 3/4 length.

Problem: Shirt is too short. Solution: Tuck into high waisted jeans.

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