The Formal Tomboy

We recently received an email from a reader Jess...
"...What do tomboys wear for events? I have a wedding soon and its really hard to find something appropriate to wear. I haven't worn a skirt or a dress for a year, and heels? Well, I think I only wore it for events because they really hurt my feet. So the usual skirt+heels makes me feel like it's halloween..."
This is a terrific question and we are so happy you've asked. The tomboy look is often thought of as more of a casual look, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate a little tomboy in an office appropriate or even wedding appropriate outfit. Enjoy "Formal Tomboy." MEG I drew my inspiration for this outfit from famous tomboy Dianne Keaton, who brought tomboy style to the mainstream in the 1977 film Annie Hall. Formal Tomboy - Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Blog A classic look. Black blazer, black tie, black pants and black shoes. A simple white button up to add contrast. If you're looking for a more casual look, lose the tie, and ta-da you're ready for the office. Formal Tomboy - Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion BlogThis is a perfect outfit for a wedding, its classic, gorgeous and versatile. The blazer is from Smart Set, the shirt from Target, the jeans from Madewell, the tie from Calvin Klein and the shoes are a thrift find. Brittni is also rocking a blazer, but in a much less traditional way. BRITT2A white blazer is a non traditional way to add a bit of fun to your outfit. Britt paired it with a black polka dot shirt & classic black denim. Formal Tomboy - Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Blog Formal Tomboy - Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Blog Her feminine shoes add a rock and roll punch to tie together this outfit. White blazer from H&M, polka shirt from Smart Set, jeans from Mavi and shoes from Payless Shoes.

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