Skater (Tom)Boy

Skater Tomboy Flannel Foxes An ode to Avril Lavigne, our Canadian treasure. A Skater Boy .. or "Sk8er Boi" Post ;) Sk8er Boi My boyfriend recently bought a long board, and I think I've been using it more than him haha. I think Ill need to buy my own pretty soon too! Sk8er Boi They're actually so fun, and really easy to get the hang of. I grew up snowboarding a ton (because Canada) and it was quite an easy adjustment for me. Sk8er Boi And lets get real, they look damn cool. Sk8er Boi This outfit features a plaid crop top from Forever 21, a baseball hat from American Eagle, jeans from Uniqlo, sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, Longboard from local shop The Easy Rider & sneakers from Payless Shoes. Sk8er Boi Sk8er Boi Enjoy summer, get out and get skating ya'll! Sk8er Boi

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