Simple Snapback

Flannel Foxes recreation This week got extra Canadian on us. -24 Celsius outside right now. Not cool mother nature! Luckily this outfit is full of layers to keep me warm (or at least for long enough to take a few pictures in the snow!) Simple Snapback // Flannel FoxesFlannel FoxesI finally get to wear one of our Flannel Foxes Snapback Hats in a recreation - yay! I love the simplicity of this outfit and it totally speaks to my minimalist wardrobe article. Most men or tomboy wardrobes are just full of simple basics. This outfit is a perfect example. Simple Snapback // Flannel Foxes Timberland Boots // Flannel FoxesIm wearing a simple blue hoodie from Brandy Melville, my denim jacket from Garage Clothing, a black sports jacket from Sport Chek, basic skinny jeans from Madewell, Timberland boots and of course you can never go wrong wrapping a flannel around your waist! Simple SnapbackBrit and I had a really busy week. We were interviewed for Metro Newspaper, then CBC radio, and finally I was asked to be apart of a video feature done by the college I work at. I discuss my job as a videographer as well as Flannel Foxes of course! You can take a look at that video here. Thanks for all your support everyone.

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