Short Sleeve Statement

Now that it's officially spring, its time to ditch the long sleeve button up and rock the short sleeve version! Tradlands is keeping me cool in their lightweight Del Mar shirt. With the 8 button front, there is no boob gap...yay! I love the bright colour and fun pattern of this shirt. It's the statement piece, so I kept the rest of my outfit neutral. I like to wear my shirt buttoned up to the top, open with a tank underneath or tucked in- it's so versatile! Use the promo code "foxes20" for 20% off at Good through April 25th! Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-16 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-6 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-5 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-4 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-3 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-7 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-8 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-9 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-10 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-11 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-12 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-14 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-15 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-17 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-18 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-19 Tradlands-Short-Sleeve-1

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