Poppy Barley Launch Party

We were invited to attend a Launch party for local Edmonton shoe company Poppy Barley at Simons. 11092657_10153053463204724_60495583_n Poppy Barley is a wonderful ethically made custom footwear brand. 11134266_10153053462534724_767395800_n 11129959_10153053462414724_2082796568_n
Poppy Barley is fusing tradition and technology to create luxury, handcrafted boots and shoes at an attainable price point; here, function and fashion have truly coalesced. Pushing the boundaries of the conventional footwear industry, Poppy Barley will revolutionize the way women buy footwear.
[caption id="attachment_176" align="alignnone" width="720"]11131766_10153053462814724_1382621586_n Free Wine :)[/caption] 11128842_10153053462574724_1168030146_n 11106300_10153053462439724_466864548_n Check them out at Simon's in Edmonton every Saturday in April, and be sure to check out their website! http://poppybarley.com

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