Packing a Carry-on Backpack for 8 days in Iceland

This week I'm off to Iceland! I've been looking forward to this trip for a very long time and cannot wait to share my experience with you all, but for today - we're going to look at what I packed for 8 days in the land of fire and ice. The longest I've ever travelled with a carry on was 3 weeks in Austin last year. I think it will be more difficult this time around with the added layers & warmth I need. The average temperature this time of year is around 8°C. gif-adventure

We've got a car rented for 5 of the 8 days that I'm there. So I'm bringing a carry on backpack. Today I'm going to show you how to properly pack a bag for a backpacking trip & how to design your wardrobe to work together properly. carry-on-iceland-packing-list TOPS 3 basic T's 1 crop top 2 sweaters (1 turtleneck & one hoodie) Rain jacket Thermal underlayer shirt Swimsuit

BOTTOMS Blue Jeans Black Jeans Sweats MEC Hiking Pants Leggings (not pictured)

SHOES Hiking Boots Black Ankle Boots

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These items are all designed to work together. Any top can be worn with any bottom. The only slightly unpractical thing I'm bringing is a crop top (cause I gotta look sexy for the clubs) That will be paired with my high waisted blue jeans. Even my thermal shirt (which yes - is covered in foxes) can be a cute comfy shirt to wear around the hostel late at night. The gloves I'm bringing are tech friendly. Meaning I can still use my iPhone to take pictures while wearing them.


Packing Tips! Roll clothes, dont fold. I lay all of my shirts on top of one another and then roll them up together. this really saves so so much space I promise. Heavier items on the bottom of your backpack. This will help with the balance of your bag, and will be easier when you're looking for something in your bag to not have to dig past the heavier things. Stuff your shoes with your socks. Basically anything that can fit in your packed shoes - put it in there. Not a single square inch shall go to waste! I cannot wait to show you all this beautiful country in my posts over the coming weeks. Sending my love from Iceland! Meg

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