Orange Crush

OrangeCrush-SidebySide I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I've been in Arizona for the break, and we took these photos before we left. Remembering how cold it was that day, I am thrilled to be in the middle of the desert. OrangeCrush-10 I'm excited that I got to wear my festive sweater for this photo. The orange toque pairs so well with the navy blue and burgundy, I would have never guessed. That's what is so great about doing this blog – we get so many different ideas for outfits! OrangeCrush-9 OrangeCrush-8 OrangeCrush-7 [caption id="attachment_2340" align="alignnone" width="1200"]OrangeCrush-6 Haha my toque blends right in![/caption] OrangeCrush-5 OrangeCrush-4 OrangeCrush-3 OrangeCrush-2 OrangeCrush-Cover OrangeCrush-1

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