Mountain (Wo)man

[caption id="attachment_1108" align="alignnone" width="1000"]FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-SidebySide Inspiration:[/caption] This past weekend I was in Jasper with some friends and I couldn't resist taking my photo on a walk through Maligne Canyon with the beautiful mountains and trees as the backdrop. It was super hot that day so I felt a little over dressed, but this layered outfit is perfect for a mountain getaway on a cooler day. FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-2 FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-3 FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-4 FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-5 FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-6 FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-8 FlannelFoxes-MountainWoman-1 The flannel is borrowed from my boyfriend, the jeans are Mavi and the toque is a $1 special from Army and Navy.

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