Mountain Meg Part 2

  [caption id="attachment_1700" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Manspiration : Bobby Raffin Manspiration : Bobby Raffin[/caption] Oh my, Bobby Raffin and I have the exact same sweater! I knew this would happen at some point to Flannel Foxes ;) (although he probably didn't steal his from his ex... but what do I know?) Mountain Meg 2 I'm in Banff Alberta for "Mountain Meg Part 2!" This cozy look is brought to you by Fall in Alberta - brrrr! (check out part one here!) Mountain Meg 2 I'm rocking my favourite red toque (or beanie) that I got from Simons, and my favourite black skinny Madewell jeans. The sweater is cozy and makes me feel right at home in the Canadian wilderness. Mountain Meg 2 Mountain Meg 2Banff is the most beautiful place on earth and I am so lucky to live so close to this... if you consider 4 hours close. Makes for a great weekend getaway. Mountain Meg 2 Boots // Flannel Foxes Playing by the water till sunset, and we got this beautiful shot of the sun shining through the clouds. Banff if heavenly. <3 Rocky Mountains // Flannel Foxes Check out part one of Mountain Meg here!

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