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[caption id="attachment_1704" align="aligncenter" width="936"]Mountain Meg I wish I had a hatchet :p[/caption] This week, I'm in beautiful Banff Alberta! Mountain Meg // Flannel Foxes I came to Banff this week because I attended the CAMP design conference in Calgary. Banff is only an hour from Calgary so we decided to spend a few days in the mountains before my conference. Mountain Meg The Rocky Mountains are beautiful anytime of the year, but in the fall? I could hardly deal with all the pretty. So I've got not one, but two awesome blog posts from the mountains coming your way. The Bow River flows through Banff and its a wonderful trail to walk. Lots of small waterfalls and beautiful rock formations. I wore a Canadian tuxedo (because Canada) along with red sneakers, a black floppy hat and my new Beaver Canoe (again, because Canada) backpack.    I wish I could tell you americans that this isn't really what Canadians look like on hikes through the mountains, but I'd be lying. Even my backpack is denim. Denim jacket - Gap, denim jeans - Uniqlo. Floppy Hat - Simons.    If you've never explored Banff or the Rocky Mountains, I highly recommend it. This stunning view is just a small walk from the main town. Stunning! Check out Mountain Meg part 2! and keep exploring!

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