Maintaining an Undercut

My dearest friend Brittni gave me my first undercut last summer... and honestly I've never looked back. Its such a fun cut to have for many reasons. Badass in Black 1) Easy to hide

2) Easy to show off

3) Keeps you cool in the summer

4) Keeps you cool all the time cause it looks awesome undercut I have quite thick hair, and maintaining it (especially in the back) has always been a struggle. I'm developing carpal tunnel just from trying to straighten it for 10+ years. So mainly I kept my hair short growing up, rather than deal with that mess. Now I have the freedom to grow my hair as long as I want and still have it be easy to maintain.

Brittni and I have decided to bring you a tutorial video on how to keep your undercut looking fresh. All you need are some clippers with several blade covers, and a good friend with a steady hand. How to Maintain an Undercut at HomeWe do recommend your first cut should be done by a professional, this tutorial is meant for maintaining your undercut... not cutting it for the first time... but do what you will! We aint yo momma. Click on me to check out the tutorial video!Tell us in the comments or tweet us @flannelfoxes, and tell us why you love your undercut!

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