Layer Up

[caption id="attachment_1502" align="alignnone" width="1000"]FlannelFoxes-Layer-SidebySide Manspiration:[/caption] It's getting chilly outside and I love to stay warm with lots of layers! This look is great for transitioning into the colder weather because you can always add and remove layers. Don't be afraid to try out new layering techniques, you may find a combo that looks great and keeps you comfortable. The eye-catching red toque brings life to an otherwise dark, minimal outfit. Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Layer Up // Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion FlannelFoxes-neutral-6 FlannelFoxes-Layer-5 FlannelFoxes-Layer-1 FlannelFoxes-Layer-4  FlannelFoxes-neutral-3 The toque is American Apparel, the jacket is from Hye Fashion (calling all ladies with long arms!) and my jeans are Mavi.

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