How to Use 6 Items to Create Outfits for a Week!

According to experts, we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. That statement is totally true for me. I decided to choose 6 of my favourite clothing items from my closet and create a week's worth of outfits using only those items. This minimalist idea works great if you are traveling and want to pack light. I thought this task would be harder than it was, but I came up with the outfits pretty quickly. The items I chose are very versatile and are a good representation of my everyday style.
1. plaid shirt 2. graphic t-shirt 3. toque 4. black jeans 5. coloured jeans 6. wool sweater

7outfits-items 7outfits-FF-1 7outfits-FF-4 7outfits-FF-3 7outfits-FF-2

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