How to Train a Tomboy

[caption id="attachment_1042" align="alignnone" width="1000"]FlannelFoxes-SidebySide-HowToTrainATomboy Manspiration: Chris John Millington[/caption] Choo choooo- all aboard! Today I am conducting in style. With my suspenders and oxfords that take this look from casual to chic, I'm exploring around in the End of Steel Park. This outfit could totally be worn for a formal event, but swap out the denim shirt for a nice chambray. And tomboys, remember, button that shirt all the way to the top! FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-10 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-4 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-11 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-9 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-7 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-8 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-5 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-3 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-2 FlannelFoxes-HowToTrainATomboy-1 The black jeans are Mavi, the suspenders and denim shirt are thrifted, and the oxfords are Call it Spring.

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