How to Paint a Confetti Wall

materials You will need: -Premium painter's tape (I used Frog Tape) -3 colours of paint -2 different sizes of isosceles triangles cut out of cardboard -String -Pencil -Paint brush After priming and applying two coats of paint on your wall, you are now ready to start the confetti wall! HowTo-1

As soon as you are finished cutting the two sizes of isosceles triangles out of cardboard, take the bigger triangle, pick a spot in the middle of the wall and trace around it. Now take a piece of string, approximately 1 1/2 feet long, and attach it to the big triangle with tape. This will be used to space the bigger triangles out evenly on the wall. Remember this is supposed to look random, but still controlled, so visually the triangles look evenly spread out. Once you are done with tracing the bigger triangles, now place the smaller triangles evenly where there are spaces on the wall and trace.

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Once you have all the triangles traced, you can now use the painter's tape to tape over the lines and create your triangles. Make sure you press the tape down firmly to ensure crisp lines.

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Paint your triangles. When thinking about what colours I wanted to use, I knew I wanted the bigger triangles to be a darker neutral colour. With the smaller triangles, I wanted two colours that would really pop and brighten up the wall. I decided on a charcoal grey for the bigger ones, and alternated between blue and red for the smaller ones.


After the paint has dried, remove the tape carefully and do any touch ups if needed. Now you are done! This took three people (my boyfriend, mom, and myself) an afternoon to finish, with the wall previously painted. With the right materials, this project proved to be easier than it looks and you too can create your own confetti wall.

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