How To Athleisure

I don't often get super into clothing fads but athleisure is one I can sure get behind... and I think it really speaks to my tomboy style. I'm mainly just happy that me wearing converse & sweats around town is now "cool". I promise I've been doing it my whole life. #imhipiswear
Athleisure is a trend in fashion in which clothing designed for athletic workouts at a gymnasium, sometimes termed activewear, is worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions.

For the office, for around town, and for actually going to the gym, I'm gonna teach you how to Athleisure today. Balance baggy with tight Nothing says sloppy like too much baggy clothing... if you're going to wear a looser fitting pant, then balance up the top by wearing a more form fitting tank or even sports bra balanced with a bomber jacket on top. In the look below, I've mixed a fitted pair of yoga capris with an oversized soft tee.How-To-Athleisure9Show off that ankle This is the simplest way to look like you give a damn. Show off those cute sneakers girl! It will make you look taller too ;)

Play with Colour Adding bright colours will make your outfit (and you) pop! The brighter the better, and it will also make your outfit seem cleaner & which is especially good if you're coming from the gym and have been sweating through it all day. I also added a bulky necklace to class up the outfit. How-To-Athleisure3 Tapered Sweats If you are going to wear something baggier like sweat pants, make sure they are in good condition, and that they taper at the ankle. I paired these sweats with a cropped T, bomber jacket & toque. beanie-athlesuire-2 Beanies, Baby Adding a toque or beanie to an outfit will make any outfit look casual & cool…. as well as hiding any type of greasy hair situation. beanie My good friend Kaitlyn here is featuring how to rock an Athleisure look for the office. She balances a nice pair of track pants with a traditional white blouse for a perfect office look. A pair of burgundy boots adds a pop of colour to a neutral outfit. Check out Kaitlyn's blog here. Athlesuire Athlesuire Athleisure is a fun and trendy way that if done right will make you look casual, cool and low maintenance. Enjoy & have fun with it. 

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