Hidden Gem of Alberta - Dry Island Provincial Park

"Fancy a day trip?"

My friend Mark and I, somewhat spontaneously decided to head out of town last weekend. We wanted to find spot neither of us had been before. Quite the feat for 2 people with a combined 36 years living in Alberta.

He had heard of a place called Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. Just 2.5 hours south of Edmonton. We hit the road Saturday morning. 

Turns out DIBJNP (way too long of a name, guys) is freaking incredible! And NO ONE has heard of this place. When we arrived there was two other cars there, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon! It truly is one of the best hidden gems I've ever found.

We spent the afternoon climbing trees along the rivers edge, and hiking the hoodos for the best view. We found dark caves but decided not explore because I'm afraid of flesh-eating subterranean humanoids. We collected rocks (they're purple!) and hunted for dinosaur bones.

Dry Island Provincial Park

It was a perfect day. And you need to go... but like ... dont tell many people ok? Our secret.

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