Hat Trick

[caption id="attachment_1632" align="alignnone" width="1000"]FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-SidebySide Manspiration: Nathan McCallum[/caption] Men look great in hats. I do love a cool snapback, but there is something refreshing and different when a guy rocks a sleek black hat. Even when wearing the typical t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, the hat totally completes the look, taking it to the next level. I really like the versatility of mine from Simon's, and great minds think alike as Meg showed up in the exact same hat to a party we were attending! FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-5 FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-1 FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-2 FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-3 FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-4 FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-6 FlannelFoxes-HatTrick-7

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