Good Chill Hunting

[caption id="attachment_1770" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Sophisticated-SidebySide Manspiration:[/caption] I feel so sophisticated in this week's look! Typically I would be drawn to more of the street style looks, but once I came across my inspiration and slipped on the jade hunting jacket from Blu's I felt like a million bucks. Speaking of a million bucks, this is the most luxurious blazer I have ever worn. I absolutely love the plaid pattern and the patches on the elbows. Not to mention the fit, it fits like a glove and is totally flattering on my body. The colour combination of forest green and burgundy is one of my favourites. Paired with my boyfriend's black bowtie (which I will be stealing more often), this outfit is sure to impress. hunting hunting hunting hunting Sophisticated-6 Sophisticated-8 Sophisticated-1

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