Foxy in Fall

Foxy in Fall Fall has arrived in Alberta. Brought out the winter boots for this post. I forgot how incredibly comfy they are :p Foxy in FallAlong with my tan pants, denim jacket, and Flannel Foxes Raglan American Apparel T shirt - this is a great transitional outfit into Autumn. Foxy in Fall The blue hat is thrifted from Goodwill. The denim jacket is from Garage. The golden pants are from Loft and the shirt is ours! And they're only available to buy for two more days! Get it here. Foxy // Flannel Foxes Tomboy Blog Foxy in Fall This backpack is from a truly Canadian brand Beaver Canoe, and I found it at Roots, another favourite brand of mine. Foxy // Flannel Foxes Tomboy BlogBe sure to get your Flannel Foxes shirts before Wednesday night. There are a ton of styles & colours available. Much Love! Foxy // Flannel Foxes Tomboy Blog

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