Fox in the Forest

Brittni-SxS-BandanaDenimJacket Deep in the woods at the Mill Creek Ravine today! The mosquitos were in full force so this proved to be one of our more annoying shoots, but the end results were worth it. I borrowed my boyfriend's bandana and t-shirt paired with my denim jacket and black skinny's for this grungy forest look. FlannelFoxes-BandanaDenimJacket-1 FlannelFoxes-BandanaDenimJacket-Grid FlannelFoxes-BandanaDenimJacket-6 FlannelFoxes-BandanaDenimJacket-3 FlannelFoxes-BandanaDenimJacket-Grid-2 FlannelFoxes-BandanaDenimJacket-2 The bandana and shirt are from Urban Outfitters, the jeans are Mavi, and the denim jacket is from H&M.

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