Double Collaboration with Blind Enthusiasm

We’re collaborating with our friends at Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company to bring you a little warmth at the start of a Canadian winter. Together we brewed up a tasty dark wheat ale with Canadian spruce tips that’s sure to warm up your evenings. We’re also collaborating on a pair of Canadian-made mittens that will be available as of November 20. For every pair sold, we will donate one pair of mittens to someone in need of warmth.

If you've tried Blind Enthusiasm's beers, you know that they're all about quality. They approach brewing how we approach clothing, without cutting corners. With so much in common, a collaboration was bound to happen.

But how did the collaboration come to be? Mike, one of the owners of Flannel Foxes, happens to freelance as a graphic designer. Lately when he hasn't been working on new designs for Flannel Foxes, he's been partnering with Blind Enthusiasm on a variety of projects. Mike and Rob, the head brewer at Blind Enthusiasm's Market brewery, have been batting around some collaboration ideas for some time. Recently they finally landed on the perfect collaboration — a double collaboration.

They decided to make a collab brew and mittens. Both reflect the western Canadian roots of Flannel Foxes. The beer is made with Canadian spruce tips, and the Canadian-made mittens prominently feature a spruce tree. Rob and Mike wanted the collaboration to have a charitable element to it. Blind Enthusiasm has always been focused on giving back to the community, and they saw this collaboration as a unique opportunity to give back. We reached out to Bissell Centre, and arranged to donate one pair of mittens for every pair sold.

That means that you can share some warmth this winter by getting your hands on these mittens. For every pair sold, one pair of high quality Canadian-made mittens will be donated to individuals and families working to overcome poverty in Edmonton.

Mike and Brittni at brew day, with Aaron and Rob of Blind Enthusiasm.

Mike designed the label for the can, giving it a Flannel Foxes vibe. But you're not here for what the can looks like... you're here to find out what Rob put inside! Explore Canada West is a dark wheat ale with spruce tips. The spruce tips add a delicate, herbaceous sweetness to this dark ale and blend with characteristic banana and spice notes to create a delicious fall beer. It's easy drinking and balanced, like everything that Rob makes at the Market brewery.

Head Brewer Rob let us help out with the brew!

How can you get your hands on this double collab? 4-packs are now available at Blind Enthusiasm's neighbourhood restaurant, Biera, and their shop, the Biera Market. It is also being distributed to liquor stores across Alberta. You can see some of the liquor stores that carry Blind Enthusiasm beer here. The mitten is available for sale on our online shop and at the Biera Market.

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