DIY Free People Inspired Boho Necklace

Several weeks ago I was in Austin and went into a store I love - Free People.The Inspiration from Free People

Free People is known for some pretty gorgeous bohemian inspired clothing and accessories, but it can certainly be pricey! A necklace I saw caught my eye - but more over $50 CAD it was a little too much for me to spend. So I decided to make my own. Materials Needed fabric (1/2 yard) metal wire (I used 16 gauge) clasp & chain cap closure hot glue gun pliers scissors to cut fabric Materials Materials[/caption] Remember to get really soft fabric because its going to be up against your neck all day! This fabric is actually floral on one side & tie die on the other - how neat! I decided to go floral side out because the tie die side was so much softer on my skin. The nice thing about this project is you can even use an old flannel shirt for the fabric pieces. peices2 1. Cut two pieces of the fabric out in a long shapes with the long ends having pointed ends. My pieces are 12 inches long each. The important part is that the two ends come to a point. 2. Use the hot glue gun to secure fabric in cap closure 3. Attach the cap closure to clasp & chain. You may need the pliers here to separate the metal piece. 4. Use hot glue to glue one end into the cap closure 5. Use pliers or strong fingers to wrap metal wire around with about once inch of fabric beneath details [caption id="attachment_2926" align="alignright" width="453"]DIY Version 


Let this dry for 20 minutes before wearing and you're set! A cute DIY necklace made in under an hour. If you don't want to make your own, ill make you one! $15 on Etsy.

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