Cool Spring

So I bought my first denim jacket from H&M a couple weeks back and I can’t believe I did not own one sooner, it’s a tomboy staple! But being 6 feet tall and having super long arms, I’ve been trying to find one that fits. While this one fits in the body (and crops nicely at the waist), the arms are still a little too short but i found an easy solution to that…rolling up the sleeves! It gives it more of a casual feel anyways and paired with a toque it’s perfect for those colder spring days. FF-Hexagon-3 FF-Hexagon-4 FF-Hexagon-5 FF-Hexagon-6 FF-Hexagon-7 FF-Hexagon-1 FF-Hexagon-8 The jacket is H&M, the t-shirt is from Simons, the shoes are Keds, the pants are Mavi and the glasses are from Urban Outfitters ($10 special!). We shot this look at Hexagon Board Game Café. If you live in Edmonton make sure to go check them out!

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