Canadian Casual

[caption id="attachment_898" align="alignnone" width="1000"]FlannelFoxes-Brittni-sidebyside Manspiration:[/caption] Happy Canada Day! I had such a fun day full of activities, and shooting this week's photo was one of them. We used the shops in my cute little neighbourhood as the backdrop. I love the zipper details on my green pants and the girlish touch with the knot tied on the side of my shirt. My TOMS wedges are the comfiest wedges ever and basically the only heels I will wear which make them perfect for this casual outfit. FlannelFoxes-Brittni-6 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-11 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-1 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-10 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-9 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-4 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-8 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-7 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-3 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-5 FlannelFoxes-Brittni-2 My denim jacket and pants are from H&M and my shirt is Joe Fresh.

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