Brit is the New Black

[caption id="attachment_719" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Rooftop-SidebySide Inspiration: Chris John Millington[/caption] I brought out my leather jacket in the middle of June! It was a hot one today and I felt super close to the sun as I was on the roof of a building in downtown Edmonton, exciting right!? But what was more exciting is I got to use Chris John Millington as my inspiration this week and look super sleek in all black. Phillips-Black-FlannelFoxes Leaning-Side-Denim-FlannelFoxes Draped-Jacket-FlannelFoxes-Grid Inside-Jacket-FlannelFoxes Jacket-Jeans-Apartment-FlannelFoxes Rooftop-Grid-FlannelFoxes Socks-Shoes-FlannelFoxes Back-Jacket-Shoulder-FlannelFoxes Hand-Back-Pocket-FlannelFoxes My leather jacket is from Garage, jeans are Mavi and my t-shirt is from Joe Fresh.

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