Bright & Cloudy

[caption id="attachment_757" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Cloudy Manspiration: Christoph Schaller[/caption] This weekend has been rainy and cloudy here, but you can always brighten up a warmer outfit with a bright scarf. Cloudy I actually got this scarf at a clothing swap. If you haven't participated in one - I highly suggest them! Everyone brings their used clothing they don't want anymore and you swap! I can't believe someone wouldn't want this gorgeous scarf. And free things are always best eh? Cloudy If you are interested in hosting your own clothing swap - there are plenty of resources online to help you plan & promote. Typically the more people you have involved the better. Make sure everyone understands that clothing must be clean and in good condition. You never know what gems you'll walk away with. Check out some how-to's from Kelly go Lightly and Let's Be Fair. Cloudy Paired with chukkas & an army green jacket for a perfect cloudy day outfit.

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