Badass Black

[caption id="attachment_1445" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Badass in Black // Flannel Foxes Manspiration :[/caption] I'm showing off my new undercut this week, courtesy of Brit. Paired with a super fake cigarette, I'm feeling all kinda badass this week in this killer all black outfit. Badass in BlackI'm a little disappointed I hadn't ever thought to try the undercut before, its such a perfect haircut for me. I have really thick hair and I hate dealing with it. I love the undercut because its nearly impossible to see when my hair is down, but when it's up - it looks like this! Badass in Black A black bandana is a perfect accessory to any outfit, and looks awesome tied under my new black button up shirt. I got the shirt at Edmonton's newest consignment shop Blogger Armoire. Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Blog Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Blog Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Blog The pants are from Uniqlo and the shoes are still my greatest Value Village find to date. Flannel Foxes Tomboy Fashion Blog

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