A Day with Us // A Video

Happy Weekend from Flannel Foxes! We've spent the last few weeks working away at our new and first big video project "A Day with Us" A Day with UsI (Meg) am a professional videographer and am happy to finally be able to share some video work with you. I look forward to producing many more in the future!  A Day with Us | A Video by Flannel FoxesDirected // Meagan Henderson Shot // Ryan Treadwell & Meagan Henderson Edited // Meagan Henderson Starring // Brittni Goshulak & Meagan Henderson Music // Scenic Route to Alaska Chart Board Art // Michael Lundy Big thanks to our friends Mike, Ryan, Mark & Amanda for joining us for the campfire scene as well. A Day with Us | A Video by Flannel FoxesWe hope you enjoy the video, much love from Flannel Foxes. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF9uyU4IF-g[/embed]

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