3 Ways to Style Overalls for Summer

1. A short sleeve button up is fun way to dress up your overalls. I love the contrast between the two items- taking the tomboy summer staple and pairing it with "shorteralls" is right up my alley. flannelfoxes-coveralls-9 flannelfoxes-coveralls-8 flannelfoxes-coveralls-7 2. A neutral tank is an easy, simple item to wear with the overalls for a low-key look. But when paired with a snapback hat, the outfit goes from minimal to sporty.  flannelfoxes-coveralls-6 flannelfoxes-coveralls-5 3. A striped t-shirt really stands out underneath the overalls. It gives a nautical feel, which I love for summer. I wanted to add one more layer to this look, so I tied a flannel shirt around my waist to break up the overalls. The different patterns complement each other very well. The last piece of this outfit is the black sun hat, which ties everything together. flannelfoxes-coveralls-4 flannelfoxes-coveralls-1 flannelfoxes-coveralls-2

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