25 Things About Being 25

Well this week I turned the big 25. I'm supposed to have things somewhat figured out at this point yes? The truth is that after 18, the years have all blended together for me... Also some of my friends are getting pregnant… like on purpose. What is this? When did we all become grownups? 12th Birthday My 12th Birthday seemed waaayyy too long ago.[/caption] Theres a zillion articles out there telling you "things you should do in your twenties" and "things you should do while you're still young" and I don't know about you all - but these give me serious anxiety. I'm now halfway through these apparently very meaningful and fulfilling years and am starting to realize just how incredibly fast life can go by. Those articles are kinda silly. You don't have to do shit before you turn 30. You can do whatever you want at any point in your life. Don't let those stress you out. So here are 25 things I've learned about MY life by age 25. Some are cliche, some less so. Cartoon 1. Planning your future is straight-up laughable. Life is unpredictable. Have goals, but plan to be surprised. 2. Most people will fail only simply because they do not try. 3. Travelling (especially alone) is one of the best things can do for yourself. This cliche is unbearably true. Please go. 4. There is absolutely no time for people you don't genuinely like. 5. Any time spent away from a screen in a day is the best time. Young Meg6. Be nice to your parents. 7. Be nicer to your grandparents, they had to raise your parents. 8. Create something even if you think no one will care or notice. I hurt to think of all the good ideas that have been lost simply because someone didn't think something would come of it. 9. Drinking too much is rarely fun anymore. I no longer feel guilty about this. liz lemon 10. No one else is going to create your ideal self. You cannot expect that of other people. 11. Trust older people. 12. Be smart with your money. Save 20%. Yes - 20% 13. Learn to splurge on experiences, not things. $1000 can buy a very nice outfit or a trip to a new country. Which do you think you'll remember more at 65? 14. Crying in your wine is totally ok.I'm very important. 15. Your twenties are when you develop the most, and the time where you are setting up the path for the rest of your life. Fooling around in bad jobs or bad relationships will not just magically turn into good ones one day when you think you're ready. Habits will develop in your 20s that will be harder to break down the road.  One of my favourite ted talks 30 is not the new 20 is a great explanation of this. 16. I love having diverse friends that challenge my thoughts and beliefs. I've learned how to respect opinions that are different than mine. 17. Timing is everything. 18. Yoga or mediation just 5 minutes a day will make a world of difference. 19. Therapy is awesome. Can we all just get over the stigma already? I actually do online therapy. The 21st century is such a cool time to be alive! 20. Try to spend one day a week without your wallet. Try with friends. Go to a park, the beach or the river. Take funny pictures and packed lunches. 21. I believe that one dates as much as the characters in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. dated. 22. Taking the cheapest option really isn't worth it. Invest in good clothes, good food & plane tickets that don't have you landing at 2am. It's worth it. 23. Arguing with strangers on the internet is kinda sad. 24.  I now relate more to Liz Lemon than to Marissa Cooper. 25. Take time to understand how you feel. Journal, spend time alone. Understand your thoughts and feelings, do not allow yourself to be easily swayed. Life will be easier the more you understand yourself. Get there however you can. growing older These are the things I've come to realize about life. These are the things that make me happy. And its taken me a long time to get there. If I had written at this list a few years ago it would have looked a hell of a lot different. Truth is the best way to live your life at any age is to do what you want to do because you want to. -Sincerely a 25 year old 25 Things About Being 25

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  • Just read this and was really intrigued. I love your outlook on life and aiming to have experiences over things. This is something that I’m striving for every day and working towards purposely finding opportunities to do something rather than buy something. I’ll be following your blog from here on out!

    Have courage,
    Elle | Elleword

    • Elle
  • Thanks so much Grandma – I love you too!!

    • Meg
  • Dear Meagan: This is such a wonderful, thoughtful piece and I am so proud of you. One of my most major thoughts (wishes) is that my grandaughters grow up to be independent, thoughtful, insightful, learned, and people who contribute in a meaningful way to our society and country. YOU, MY DEAR, ARE ALL THESE THINGS! There is nothing you could do that would make me happier than to read the above and have it confirmed that you are every bit as wonderful as I know and believe you to be! Thank you for this……
    I will love you forever (and like you always)
    Your Grandmother!

    • evelyn henderson